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Property Tycoon

Property Tycoon

  • Branding
  • Custom Development
  • Design
  • Drupal Configuration
  • Drupal Theming
  • Full Drupal Website
  • Hosting
  • Migration
  • Multimedia
  • Social Media
  • Strategy
  • User Experience

The Tycoon System is a revolutionary system that is set to improve property investing to the highest level. It is the world's first platform for properties, including deals, finance, education and contacts, in one simple and easy to use resource. Tycoon Community is today the largest online community for property investors in the United Kingdom.

The first website launched in 2003 was a very basic website, a plain forum where estate agents could chat with each other and discuss their trade issues. They had access to blog posts and deals. But the whole website didn't actually work properly; it was jerry-built and a visually fragmented website. At that time, Parmdeep Vadesha, founder and CEO at Tycoon System, had no ambition to pay in-depth attention to his website, but the increasing interest people had in his project made Vadesha change his plans. He pushed the website to a higher level and created from it his main business traffic.

After common agreement, the Mogdesign team prepared complete project specification which included concrete technical and functional steps of the implementation.

Ask a question to the property community of over 5,000 members! visitors can write property questions in 140 characters long messages on various topics like how to buy & sell, all about properties, juridical help and other important issues of the “property” world.

Tycoon Membership provides for its owners valuable information which ordinary website users can´t approach. The level of the Property Tycoon website benefits depends on the purchased membership type. Upgrade from Bronze to Silver, Gold, TMA is done via buying a Subscription product in the E-shop.

Gamification is a motivation tool to positively energize the Property Tycoon Community. Active community behavior and contributions are awarded by “points” and used to calculate IP (important person) & VIP status. The main goal is to become a VIP member who will be promoted on the front page of the website which thousands of users visit.

The Tycoon System website developed a sophisticated system which selects and collects the most valuable property deals data from the several UK websites selling properties. How is the selection provided, what is the system capable of and how is the system implemented to the Drupal… you can find out in the #4 Deals section.

#5 MIGRATION - A Whole New Website
The most difficult situation came along with the data migration. Mogdesign migrated a great deal of information from the website which gathered a huge number of script and audiovisual materials and which over 5000 members have visited every day since 2003.


  • Service-level agreement
    Mogdesign provided for Property Tycoon a full 48 hour service in case some errors appeared on the website.
  • Videos and Audios
    To secure Tycoon System’s privacy and policy, Mogdesign had to manage one particular area — video hacking. To forbid the URL address illegal propagation, Mogdesign created a ONE TIME LINK option... Read more in the #6 Other Specifications section.
  • About Mogdesign
    Mogdesign is a leading central European agency for web design and development services based on Drupal (open-source content management system), located in Slovakia.

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